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Buyers agents are Real Estate Independent Advocates who specialise in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers. They do not sell real estate. They are engaged independently and paid for by the buyer to act on their behalf. The key difference between a selling agent and buyers agent is who they represent as, by law, an agent cannot act for and accept a commission from both parties in the same transaction.

Why contact us? As your Sydney Buyers agent we offer a number of different service options, ranging from complete searches through to auction bidding and single property reports. Our objective is to ensure you are fully informed so as not to over pay for the property. Having an experienced advocate on your side who is familiar with the suburb’s attributes and the purchasing process will further assist you in maintaining objectivity when it comes to negotiating the best possible outcome.


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    CONTACT US +61 409740880

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    Buyers Agent:
    Fred Haggar: 0409 740 880
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    What is a buyers agent?

    Buying a new home or investment property is likely to be the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime, so it pays to understand how the real estate market works.

    If you are just starting out you probably haven’t heard of a buyers agent. Just like real estate agents who help you sell a property, a buyers agent is a licensed independent advocate who works for you and acts on your behalf to search, evaluate and negotiate a property purchase. They aim to ensure you are as fully informed as possible in order not to overpay.

    Why contact us? As your Buyers agent we offer either full or partial services to help you find the right property at the right price.

    Full service means the buyers agent manages the entire process for you, which includes:

    • A ‘wish list’ analysis to understand your requirements to determine your ‘needs’ versus ‘wants’;
    • Search available listings;
    • Inspect and short-list suitable properties;
    • Evaluate recent sales data and provide a written appraisal;
    • Oversee and arrange due diligence such as building inspections, pest, survey and engineering reports;
    • Negotiate the property purchase price and terms;
    • Oversee the contracts and exchange;
    • Pre-settlement inspections;
    • Settlement;
    • Asset management.