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Property Search 4U

Our ideal client

Our ideal client

Our ideal client is someone who enjoys their Saturday morning catching up on the weekend news and social media while getting their car washed i.e., they believe in outsourcing, not because they can’t do it themselves, but because they:

  • recognise they do not have the up-to-date market knowledge;
  • do not possess the necessary expertise in this particular field;
  • are unable to be emotionally detached when selecting a property;
  • could make a costly decision in the long run;
  • are better off using their time to be productive at what they are good at or simply enjoy their down-time.

On a lighter note, the ideal client would say, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you do it yourself”.

The acquisition budget of our ideal client has no bearing on the suitability of our service to their needs.

What is the definition of a “non-ideal client” I hear you ask?

  • “How much do you charge” is their opening line instead of asking “How can you help me?”.
  • Someone that asks for a discounted fee before finding out the benefits of a specialist’s service.
Average full-Service break-down – dependent on client’s specifications PS4U’s man hours

Stage 1: Post service engagement

Agree on property specifications 5
Identify properties for sale: private, silent and foreclosures 20
Evaluate suitability of properties to specifications 15

Stage 2: Pre-buy

Assess and inspect all suitable properties 35
Conduct market analysis including gross yield for investment properties 40
Submit a detailed short-list of suitable properties 20
Arrange for and accompany client to “private” and “open for” inspections 25
Perform market analysis of selected property (s) 17
Assist with strata, building and pest inspections as instructed 2
Submit progress report 1 1

Stage 3: Buy

Negotiate the best price, terms and conditions 25
Bid at auction if that is the sale method of the selected property 4
Conduct exchange of contract 1

Stage 4: Post-buy

Conduct pre-settlement inspection and collect/deliver keys 2
Assist with the appointment of service providers 2
Submit final report 2 4
No. of “5 day” man-weeks 44
Stage 1: Post service engagement 18.3%
Stage 2: Pre-buy 64.2%
Stage 3: Buy 13.8%
Stage 4: Post-buy 3.7%
Total 100%